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We have gathered together some websites we feel may be of interest to visitors to our site. Please note that the Scottish Schools Ethos Network is not responsible for the content or availability of any other site.

SSEN Anti-Bullying Network - the Scottish Schools Ethos Network's sister site, about tackling bullying in schools.
SSEN Anti-Bullying Network's audio clips and papers from Bill Rogers about the ethos of the classroom
SSEN Be Safe Online - for general advice about protection from on-line bullying
SSEN Britkids - this interactive website is about race, racism and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids. It also has 'serious material' and information for teachers.
SSEN Childline - use the search facility to find 'Setting up a Peer Support Scheme', a 12-page guide for teachers and other professionals who wish to set up and assist with peer support schemes.
SSEN The Participation Network, a Children in Scotland Project, at November 2004 has an online interactive map of participation projects across Scotland.
SSEN Coastkid - this is an interactive website for children and young people about bullying, which works like an on-line soap.
SSEN Come Look At Us - a lively and informative website designed by young Scottish gypsy travelers.
SSEN Website launched on 4 November 2004 for the Centre for Research in Education, Inclusion and Diversity at Moray House School of Education, the University of Edinburgh.
SSEN Website for the Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland, Kathleen Marshall.
SSEN Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education
SSEN Highland Youth Voice - an elected parliament of 70 young people from the area.
SSEN Incentive Plus - to find out more about a conflict resolution resource 'Adventures in Peacemaking' - for nursery/infant stage, and for junior stage.
SSEN A user-led, worldwide, community project about workplace bullying. User groups include a Buchan Teaching Support Group, email them at:
SSEN Kidscape works UK-wide to provide individuals and organisations with practical skills and resources necessary to keep children safe from harm. Services include a helpline, resources, training programmes, advice and research.
SSEN The Young Mediators Network, national resource for young people involved in conflict resolution work around the UK.
SSEN Learning and Teaching Scotland have extensive materials about citizenship and participation.
SSEN Managed by Learning and Teaching Scotland, providing resources (including classroom and professional development materials), organisations, strategies and policy developments to encourage the educational inclusion of all children and young people.
SSEN The Scottish Centre for Nonviolence now offers an 'insider partial' mediation service as well as training and networking
SSEN Parent Zone Scotland provides information about and links to organisations and publications that address issues parents deal with, including bullying. This site is part of the National Grid for Learning, Scotland, which is managed by Learning and Teaching Scotland, for the Scottish Executive.
SSEN Parent Zone Scotland includes tips for parents on helping with homework - e.g. "We learn 10 per cent of what we read, 70 per cent of what we talk about with others and 95 per cent of what we teach or explain to someone else".
SSEN See 'Zippy's Friends' within this site, for a programme for young children on coping skills.
SSEN Restorative Justice provides information about some key principles of restorative justice and its application in different settings for example how it can be used to tackle conflict in schools, the workplace and neighbourhoods.
SSEN Save the Children, Scotland aims to create a global movement of informed young people who are passionate about their own and other children's rights and are aware of the interconnected social, political and environmental forces that shape their lives
SSEN The Scottish Schools Ethos Network searchable database of organisations, resources and strategies to assist in promoting a positive school ethos.
SSEN The Additional Support Needs website, includes details of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) Act 2004.
SSEN The National Priorities in Education Performance Report 2003, which comprises and overview of National and Education Authority information from 2001-2002. These priorities are: Achievement and Attainment; Framework for Learning; Inclusion and Equality; Values and Citizenship and Learning for Life.
SSEN For the reports by individual Local Authorities on the National Priorities.
SSEN The Scottish Mediation Network.
SSEN This is a searchable database of all schools in Scotland. It provides contact details, links to school websites where available, and statistical and other information for every school.
SSEN The Scottish Youth Parliament.
SSEN The Scottish Council for Research in Education.
SSEN The Scottish Support for Learning Association, with a downloadable manual of good practice.
SSEN Think You Know - the inside info on how to stay safe while having fun online (includes sections for parents and carers).
SSEN The UK Observatory for the Promotion of Non-violence is a national initiative to support and inform practitioners, local authorities and policy makers.
SSEN Young Minds - this website is for young people, parents and professionals working with children. It also gives details of a confidential national telephone service offering advice and support for parents and professionals concerned about the mental health of a particular child (0800 018 2138).